DANTE – Goods And Bads creates objects, products, editions with qualities above and beyond the substantial; associative qualities: emotions, habits, memories, tastes, aversions, the good, the bad, never the ugly.

The design of every product ever made has always been shaped by the most prominent need of the society that created it. More often than not, it was the search for the practical, for maximal usability. DANTE – Goods And Bads, however, senses another desire: Warmth. Content. So our filter is this: create a connection. Create material objects that are not merely things, but favorites. Talismans.  Everyday products that are not a priori practical, useful, efficient but rather: emotional. So they can have unlikely material attributes like humor, vanity, passion. Comfort, even.


DANTE – Goods And Bads was founded in 2012 by artist Aylin Langreuter and industrial designer Christophe de la Fontaine. They share a profound love of the material world for all its pathos and beauty. They are aware that DANTE – Goods And Bads is a fragile and highly ambitious endeavour. Nevertheless they are determined to persevere.


Since DANTE – Goods and Bads’ birth in the spring of 2012, almost all our products are handcrafted in the backyard of Milan.

The famous “La Brianza” area north of the city is where the best craftsmen have clustered together their little workshops to service the crazy needs of Milans creative industry. Anything anyone can think up can be made in La Brianza. To produce our El Santo chairs for example, five workshops seamlessly work together. It is a magical place and any designer’s happy dream.