A brass and glass table lamp. Named after its distinct sparkling switch-on, the lamp is contemporary and industrial in equal parts. Formed from two mouth-blown glass cylinders, the borosilicate inner extrusion emits a light that scintillates due to a ribbed reflective surface, while the outer cylinder exploits the LED light within the lamp’s core.

Designer: Pietro Russo

Typology: lamp

Material/finish: borosilicate glass, metal base, LED

Made with love in: Italy

1.980 including VAT

Pietro Russo

Pietro Russo designer

Pietro Russo works as an interior and product designer in his Milan-based atelier, together with a team of experts and in close partnership with a network of skilled Italian artisans.
Trusting his instinct, Pietro experiments tirelessly and is committed to long-lasting explorations of major topics – such as science fiction, art and music seductions, sound, geometry, and the power of light –, in an endless attempt to transform concepts and emotions, with his own hands, into one-of-a-kind objects and interiors designed like a real scenography.

Product Details

Environment: Indoor
Made in: Italy
Collection: Admit One Gentlemen 2013/2014

Most of our products are made in collaboration with craftsmen of Brianza, one of the most thriving Italian centers for expert craftsmanship and design innovation.

Our general lead time is up to 8 weeks from order confirmation.

borosilicate glass, solid brass base, LED

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