Nightingale is a porcelain body lantern with a leather handle, produced in collaboration with Rosenthal. The traditional lampshade is rotated by 90°, turning the usual interaction between the light fitting and reflector upside down. The delicate porcelain body distantly recalls the look of an antique lantern. The leather band is available in three natural color variants, serving as a handle that can be used to change the position of the light and add a striking, warm contrast between different materials.

Designer: Christophe de la Fontaine

Typology: lantern

Material/finish: porcelain by Rosenthal, in white/rose, leather belt: dark brown/bordeaux/tan, gx53 led

Made with love in: Italy and Germany

790990 including VAT

Christophe de la Fontaine

Christophe de la Fontaine is a Luxembourgish product designer, professor of industrial design at Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, and co-founder of Dante – Goods and Bads. 

As an independent product designer he received numerous international awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, the Good Design Award, and the Gold iF DESIGN AWARD.

His work includes furniture and lighting in collaboration with Moroso, Rosenthal, FormAgenda and many others.

Product Details

Environment: Indoor
Made in: Germany (porcelain body produced by Rosenthal), strap and assemble in Italy
Collection: Scenes From The Prairie 2014/2015

Most of our products are made in collaboration with craftsmen of Brianza, one of the most thriving Italian centers for expert craftsmanship and design innovation.

Our general lead time is up to 8 working weeks from order confirmation.

raw porcelain by Rosenthal – leather belt – gx53 LED

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