Myself & I

Myself & I is a desk with powder-coated structure and padded leather top and screen. To maximize comfort and practicality, the smooth-lined minimal base doubles as a footrest, and the top is completed with storage space. The all-over leather padding creates an embracing vibe of a hideaway, for those moments of deep thought spent in solitude.

Designer: Garth Roberts

Typology: Desk

Material/finish: leather in various colors, powder-coated steel

Garth Roberts

Myself & I by Garth Roberts for Dante - Goods and Bads

Garth Roberts founded his studio in 2010 after a series of pop-up studio projects in collaboration with universities in Milan, Berlin, and New York. 

The studio operates in various fields of product design and creative direction: developing projects for clients such as CC-Tapis, Glas Italia, Kalmar Werkstätten, Mabeo Furniture, Serralunga, Zanotta, the LRRH_ Art Project, and others in a wide range of venues from high-end furniture to contemporary art. 

Product Details

Myself & I by Garth Roberts for Dante - Goods and Bads

Environment: Indoor
Made in: Italy
Collection: Affection Sérieuse 2018 / 2019

Most of our products are made in collaboration with craftsmen of Brianza, one of the most thriving Italian centers for expert craftsmanship and design innovation.

Our general lead time is up to 8 weeks from order confirmation.

leather in various colors, powder-coated steel

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