Myself & I

Myself & I is a desk with powder-coated structure and padded leather top and screen. To maximize comfort and practicality, the smooth-lined minimal base doubles as a footrest, and the top is completed with storage space. The all-over leather padding creates an embracing vibe of a hideaway, for those moments of deep thought spent in solitude.

Designer: Garth Roberts

Typology: Desk

Material/finish: leather in various colors, powder-coated steel

3.199 excluding transport


Garth Roberts

Myself & I by Garth Roberts for Dante - Goods and Bads

Garth Roberts founded his studio in 2010 after a series of pop-up studio projects in collaboration with universities in Milan, Berlin, and New York. 

The studio operates in various fields of product design and creative direction: developing projects for clients such as CC-Tapis, Glas Italia, Kalmar Werkstätten, Mabeo Furniture, Serralunga, Zanotta, the LRRH_ Art Project, and others in a wide range of venues from high-end furniture to contemporary art. 

Product Details

Myself & I by Garth Roberts for Dante - Goods and Bads

Environment: Indoor
Made in: Italy
Material: leather in various colors, powder-coated steel
Collection: Affection Sérieuse 2018 / 2019

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