DANTE – Goods and Bads’ mission for the 2012 collection, Side Glance, was to step aside from beaten tracks and think about details, semantic references, and connotations. Vice-versa, the objects provide a second layer, becoming affective and able to communicate.

Art direction, artwork and layout: Aylin Langreuter; Text: Lea Schmidbauer; Quotes: Christopher Roth; Product descriptions: Benjamin Hopf


A truly modular furnishing system with endless possibilities. The filigree wooden rods are transformed into a growing structure that can morph from a table into a sideboard or a shelf to conquer your interior. The transparency of the slightly colored glass panels emphasizes And So On‘s light appearance.

Shining is a reminiscence of an ancient typology, a candle holder with a reflector, made in ceramic. The candle is positioned in front of the mirror which reflects and doubles the emitted light. The color options of the smooth ceramic glaze are selected to enhance the warmth of the candlelight. 

El Santo is a simple seat folded into shape using a flat piece of sturdy leather. The derived shell, once fixed to its unusual metal base, appears left floating in the air. This unexpected take on the classic cantilever typology results in a spacious, comfortable seat.

This cubic side table is a limited edition composed of 20 pieces. The glossy ceramic tiles of Parquet Cubique are placed in a fishbone configuration, which changes the cube appearance depending on the angle and creates an optical illusion of an ob-art pattern. The soft castors facilitate table movements.


The Side Glance collection’s guest Christopher Roth, artist and film-director, shares DANTE – Goods and Bads’ passion for irrelevant details and occasional irritations of everyday life objects.

Host (DANTE-Goods and Bads):
What is your contribution?

Guest (Christopher Roth):
A hat that can be used as a mask, a hatchet with a bob, and some facsimiles by Carl Jung, the quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli, JG Ballard, Hamish Fulton, Iain Sinclair, Chris Petit, WG Sebald and Don DeLillo.

Host: Any cohesion?

Guest: Mozart, Porgi Amor.