Fuori Fuori was a series of digital events which took place from 12th to 16th April. Visitors were able to experience collection’s latest additions through a blend of live presentation and multimedia content, presented by founders Aylin Langreuter and Christophe de la Fontaine.

– – –

The snow is melting, spring is in the air – and sadly one other thing, that we rather wish wasn‘t. For us and, we guess, most of others, April used to be a month much anticipated. Milano! The Salone! Showing off our newest brainchildren to the world! But, alas, this year likethe last, will have to be different. And so, paying sentimental tribute to the hustle and bustle, we decided to create a Fuori Fuori Salone – an occasion to get in touch and meet our latest additions from the depths of the Bavarian Forest.