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The Stars Look Different Today 2019/2020

A new sparkle from an old star, comforting, but also promising of something new.  → Read more – ‘The Stars Look Different Today 2019/2020’.

Affection Sérieuse 2018 / 2019

In our previous collection we mused about the strings that tie us, as designers, to others. How does what we create relate to who we love? → Read more – ‘Affection Sérieuse 2018 / 2019’.

Silent Associé 2017/ 2018

Silent Associé Time for introspection. Time for deconstruction. Questions we ask ourselves: what is inspiration, really? What does it all mean,… → Read more– ‘Silent Associé 2017/ 2018’.

Parallel Choice Assortment 2016/2017

Parallel Choice Assortment A mystery collection, an assortment by association. Colors mixed with feelings, materials full of innuendo, ghosts and… → Read more– ‘Parallel Choice Assortment 2016/2017’.


Scenes From The Prairie – 2014/15

After DANTE’S exciting founding years in Milan, we have now moved out of the city to the countryside. We slowed down, we settled down and we… → Read more– ‘Scenes From The Prairie – Collection 2014/15’.

Admit One Gentleman – 2013/14

With the 2013 collection „Admit One Gentleman“, DANTE – Goods And Bads is turning their attention on the myth and legend of the Gentleman. His… → Read more– ‘Admit One Gentleman – Collection 2013/14’.

Side Glance – Début Collection 2012

With the 2012 collection it was DANTE’s mission to encourage the contributors to step off beaten tracks. To think about details, about… → Read more– ‘Side Glance – Début Collection 2012’.