The philosopher Vilém Flusser was always mildly suspicious about our carelessness when dealing with inanimate objects. How do we buy and use all kinds of goods, while having at best only a nebulous understanding of how they came into existence or how they work.

He concluded that if there were so many Goods, couldn’t it be likely that there also were a few Bads?

Somehow, this thought stayed with us when we founded and named our company DANTE – Goods And Bads. In reference we decided to include one Bad into every one of our collections. A Bad, for us, can be any object that evokes conflicting feelings, an uneasiness maybe: by association, by design or functionality. To us, the Bad is the antidote to the purely pleasant and functional. It can still be beautiful, it may still be usable, but it also will make the hair raise on your arms…