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A brass and glass table lamp. Named for its sparkle effect when lit, the lamp is contemporary and industrial in equal parts. Formed from two mouth-blown glass cylinders, the borosilicate inner extrusion emits a light that scintillates due to a ribbed reflective surface, while the outer cylinder exploits the LED light within the lamp’s core.


Designer: Pietro Russo
Typology: lamp
Dimensions: 14 x 16 x 54cm
Material/finish: borosilicate glass, metal base, led.


*Photo References: Pic.1.Works by Paul Klee, Matti Braun, Aylin
Langreuter, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Günther Förg,
Marcel Biefer & Beat Zgraggen, Martin Fengel,
David Gates and Max Bill. Cupboard by Camille Graeser
Pic.2. Works by Martin Fengel, David Gates and Max Bill